We could blame the political dressing vs. fashion confusion on the ubiquitous and pervasive public presence of the contemporary fashion industry. From the 18th century onwards, a large sector of industry has been occupied with manufacturing what dresses us: This includes garments, accessories, beauty services and products. This industry, alongRead More →

While other publications might say it’s important to have that shearling teddy-bear coat or those conceptual triple waistband jeans in order to be considered ‘stylish’, this simply isn’t the case. You should, however, aim to have to hand a select few essentials that work anytime, anywhere. Genuinely handsome, well-made stuffRead More →

Put simply, a trench coat is a three-quarter length coat designed to keep the grime and rain off your finer clothes rather than offer protection like a full-on winter coatwould; it was first created with a detachable sheepskin liner – back when the coat was known as the ‘trench warm’ –Read More →